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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1303 – Strange Guardian Cocoon borrow bushes
Zhou Wen acquired previously thought it was peculiar they were below to shield the Guardian coc.o.o.n, but they ignored him, an intruder. This has been clearly peculiar.
Seeing that Grim Demon obtained no intention of maintaining, Zhou Wen didn’t click further more. Alternatively, he questioned, “Then, do you consider that this Guardian coc.o.o.n could be a Guardian that survived the traditional period?”
“Unless there’s an individual among us who could hatch out the Guardian coc.o.o.n and meet the criteria of the individual who constructed everything only then can they not strike.” Anyone Grim Demon was speaking about was naturally Zhou Wen. He was really the only man in this article.
“I heard so.” Harsh Demon was clearly staying patronizing.
The unaware were definitely fearless. The greater amount of one knew about a little something, a lot more they would actually feel reverence.
Harsh Demon seemed to be trembling in anxiety. Although he stated he was fearless, he was just at the Terror level. There was clearly not a chance to tackle an life at the quantity of the Four Monkeys.
“What’s weird?” Zhou Wen questioned.
Zhou Wen possessed previously thought it was weird they were here to guard the Guardian coc.o.o.n, nevertheless they disregarded him, an thief. This has been clearly odd.
“I observed with my personal sight the golden-haired ape grabbed the atmosphere with one palm and taken a deluge dragon away from the seas. Then, it chewed it in existence.” Zhou Wen declined Grim Demon’s theory.
Harsh Demon investigated the 4 apes and extended, “Furthermore, typically conversing, the dimensional beings that remain near the Guardian coc.o.o.n do it voluntarily. When it comes to these four fellows, they seem to be chained here and get no option but to guard this Guardian coc.o.o.n. This kind of situation definitely carries a distinctive good reason.”
“That’s strange. Then why don’t they episode us? That doesn’t appear sensible.” Grim Demon frowned.
Harsh Demon seemed to be trembling in concern. Though he stated that he or she was fearless, he was only at the Terror grade. There was clearly no chance to contend with an life at the degree of the Four Monkeys.
“Unless what?” Zhou Wen expected.
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“To you human beings, it is the ancient Mythical Age.” Grim Demon suddenly frowned and claimed, “Strange!”
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“Do you recognise the Guardian coc.o.o.n’s group?” Zhou Wen requested Grim Demon.
“To you human beings, it’s the prehistoric Mythical Period.” Grim Demon suddenly frowned and reported, “Strange!”
“No way?” Zhou Wen thought it was impressive. How could it be so coincidental he achieved the circumstances for hatching the Guardian coc.o.o.n?
“No way?” Zhou Wen thought it was unbelievable. How can it be so coincidental that they attained the disorders for hatching the Guardian coc.o.o.n?
“It doesn’t appear like it. This ought to be a Guardian coc.o.o.n that hasn’t hatched.” After having a pause, Harsh Demon carried on, “However, it’s really quite possible that it was left out from that period of time. Only an environment similar to this enables someone to not hatch out after this sort of long period of time.”
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Regardless how Zhou Wen aimed to read Harsh Demon’s thoughts, something appeared amiss.. It sounded like he was praising him, it also did not feel perfect.
“What will be the good reason?” Zhou Wen did not know very much about Guardians, so he could only consult Grim Demon.
Harsh Demon frowned and mentioned, “That Guardian coc.o.o.n is a touch weird. Typically, a Guardian coc.o.o.n that hasn’t hatched will be sent to a dimensional region that suits its data after getting teleported to World. The strength of the dimensional sector can have a definite effects on the Guardian coc.o.o.n, allowing the Guardian’s progress to undergo a certain mutation. On the other hand, it won’t transformation his basic stats.”
“What’s improper? Would you find anything specific?” Zhou Wen didn’t see a single thing amiss. The four ferocious apes were still staring at them without having done anything various.
For some reason, the ape that could take a deluge dragon only stared at Zhou Wen without consuming actions.
Harsh Demon shook his travel. “There might be a lot of reasons. Possibly anyone didn’t want this Guardian coc.o.o.n to hatch out, so that they closed it within a place that doesn’t match the Guardian coc.o.o.n’s attributes to stop it from hatching. The four apes might be employed to protect against another person from contracting the Guardian coc.o.o.n or using it apart. It is also entirely possible that there is something special regarding this Guardian coc.o.o.n for instance it remaining only hatchable in this particular put. There is additionally a possibility that someone uncovered this Guardian coc.o.o.n elsewhere and migrated it here…”
“For illustration, if it is a Guardian produced from the genes of the angels, in spite of how this Guardian mutates, whether it be in a flame-elemental angel or ice-elemental angel, he is still within an angel shape.” Harsh Demon extended with the unusual concept, “But this Companion Beast is almost various.”
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“That is probably not the truth. In the warfare in olden days, there had been several humans who achieved the Calamity class by blending with Guardians. There was clearly even…” Harsh Demon suddenly seemed to realize one thing and close up.
“There was even an Apocalypse class?” Zhou Wen scaled up Grim Demon with attraction. He got previously acquired the concept Harsh Demon might not be purely arrogant. Now, from your appearances from it, he recognized several things. It was subsequently most likely that he had been a strong Guardian which had made it through the traditional time.
“That’s bizarre. Then why don’t they invasion us? That doesn’t understand.” Harsh Demon frowned.
“That may not be the truth. In the combat in thousands of years ago, there have been quite a number of mankind who attained the Calamity quality by incorporating with Guardians. There was even…” Harsh Demon suddenly did actually comprehend a thing and shut up.
“What’s drastically wrong? Did you find out everything distinctive?” Zhou Wen didn’t see something amiss. The four ferocious apes were looking at them without doing anything at all diverse.
“What’s completely wrong? Would you discover anything at all particular?” Zhou Wen didn’t see a single thing amiss. The four ferocious apes were still looking at them without having done something distinct.
“What may be the explanation?” Zhou Wen did not know very much about Guardians, so he could only request Harsh Demon.
“To you human beings, it’s the prehistoric Mythical Period of time.” Harsh Demon suddenly frowned and explained, “Strange!”
Translator: CKtalon
“Could it be they may have been suppressed for too much time and have misplaced the opportunity to strike?” Grim Demon pondered out loud.

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